Caldera Environment Centre wishes to recognise the generations of the local Aboriginal people of the Bundjalung Nation who have lived in and derived their physical and spiritual needs from the forests, rivers, lakes and streams of this beautiful valley over many thousands of years as the traditional owners and custodians of these lands.

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Have your say – Draft Coastal Management SEPP and Coastal Maps

An update from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW

There is still time to have you say on protections for our sensitive coastal environments – the submission deadline has been extended until Friday 20 January 2017.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DOPE) is undertaking public consultation on a Draft Coastal Management State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) and Draft Coastal Mapping. The Coastal Management SEPP and maps will underpin the new Coastal Management Act 2016 that was passed earlier this year (but is yet to commence operation).

The new Coastal Management SEPP will replace existing SEPP 14 – Coastal Wetlands, SEPP 26 – Littoral Rainforests and SEPP 71 – Coastal Protection.

The new coastal management laws divide the coastal zone into four new coastal management areas, and it is important that mapping of these new areas is correct and that sensitive areas are protected from the impacts of urban expansion, biodiversity loss and climate change.

We have prepared a short submission guide to help you prepare your own submission. It is available to download from our website –

We encourage local groups to review the proposed new mapping and check that environmentally sensitive areas are appropriately mapped. Including local case studies in your submission will help demonstrate any inadequacies or anomalies in the draft mapping.


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