2019 NSW Threatened Species Children’s Art Competition

Open for entries between June 3 and August 2, so now’s a great time for your children to get started on their artworks! Children from 5-12 years old in NSW can participate.

We invite children to choose a threatened native species, then create a drawing or painting of it with an accompanying short explanation of their work. The rules have changed a bit this year, so that children from NSW can pick any threatened Australian native species.

Seventy finalists will be chosen for a two-week exhibition in Sydney, with winners announced at Parliament House Sydney on September 6. 

We will offer some fantastic prizes for winners and runners-up in different age categories: 5-7 year olds, 8-10 year olds, 11-12 year olds; and special prizes including  Most Unusual Entry, Best Plant Entry, Best Group Work Entry and Best Written Explanation. There will be two additional new prize categories this year –  Best Local Species Entry; and an All Abilities category for children with special needs.

This year the entry forms will be on Humane Society International’s website from June 3 at  www.hsi.org.au/artcomp

The website has some extra information and resources, or go to http://www.threatenedspeciesartcomp.net.au

For inquiries, email Helen at helen@hsi.org.au or call (02) 9973 1728.   You can also email me.

Cheers, Lorraine

Lorraine Bower

Threatened Species Children’s Art Competition

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Phone 0414 958 714    02 806 88805

Website:  http://www.threatenedspeciesartcomp.net.au

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