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The Climate Council is at the forefront of studies aimed at getting a “green recovery” after the epidemic.  We are therefore facilitating opportunities to join with them in this endeavour.

Australia’s economic response to the coronavirus crisis is being decided.

Right now, we have an opportunity that we didn’t have before, to craft the future we want to see for Australia. 

We can rebuild our economy with clean energy solutions – getting people back to work by ramping up projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate resilience, that create jobs and drive down emissions.

Or, we can continue to back dangerous, unviable and unsustainable fossil fuels, and lock in emissions for decades to come.

The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered our economy, put hundreds of thousands of Aussies out of work, and dramatically changed our social, political and economic landscape. The immensity of this challenge means that state, territory and federal governments are going to have to invest huge sums of money to kickstart the economy, revive industries and get people back to work. 

We’ve been calling for investment in clean energy projects for years, and now our governments, in partnership with business, unions and community groups, have a chance unlike any other, to solve the climate and economic crises together. 

This is our moment to build a fairer, cleaner, stronger economy – so let’s grab it with both hands. 

Global economists are urging us to invest in climate solutions to reinvigorate our economies, but here in Australia, we have Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor promising dangerous gas developments as the cornerstone of our economic recovery. 

Meanwhile conservative media and powerful vested interests are also pushing hard for recoveries led by dangerous fossil fuels.After a summer ravaged by fires, fuelled by climate change, we saw the consequences of rising greenhouse gas emissions and what happens when our leaders fail to act. 

Australians were united in calling for strong climate action.

Any government that now chooses to prop up fossil fuels, especially under the guise of economic recovery, is failing to protect Australian communities, now and in the future. Sign the statement now if you agree.

The devastating Black Summer fires have proven how strong Australians are in the face of a crisis. Now, we have to draw on that strength again, to come together and fight for a sustainable economic future that generates jobs whilst protecting us from the climate shocks that lay ahead.



We’ve spent recent weeks refining our strategy, and we have a positive plan to build long-term support from governments, drive public opinion and make sure climate solutions are built into a cohesive and fast economic recovery. 

But to achieve this plan, we need everyone to stand alongside us.

Sign on to our statement now, and ask your family and friends to do the same. And let’s all take action today, towards a better future for Australia.
Alix Pearce
Campaigns Director
Climate Council 

P.S. Look out for our next note. We have some exciting announcements coming next week on our plans to fight for a clean renewable powered economy, and I want you to be the first to hear them. And, if you have friends and family you think would be interested, encourage them to join our mailing list!

 I’m excited to be leading the Climate Council’s campaigns, including our critical work on Australia’s economic recovery. You may have heard from me before in my former role as Founding Director of the Cities Power Partnership.

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