Rally to Save the Train 3pm Thurs 15th Feb Murbah Railway Station

Message from Northern Rivers Railway Action Group

Dear Team,

As we all live at the far flung districts of the Region and have no train service to enable easy meeting, I am copying you my March Plan, Route Plan and Safety Management Plan.

It is attached as an easy to Print PDF, or copied below.

Please print, Share, Forward, tell your friends, and let’s pull a big crowd and make a very good impression.

Remember the absolute rule, this is to be Peaceful, so, no badgering people, No disturbance to Businesses, No Shouting or Fist waving.

Be very tolerant, there may be some who will attempt to disrupt or cause a fight.  Just ignore any heckling.

Keep off the road and follow directions of the Road Crossing controllers who will be wearing high visibility vests (The Polite Force!).

We are NOT a mob, and we certainly don’t want to appear as one..

We will let our numbers do the talking.

I think a silent slow procession, like a funeral march is most appropriate.

Please ensure you are fully au fait with the Route and safety management plan.

Wear Red!!!

Copy Below…


Northern Rivers Railway Action Group Inc 1500722

William (Bill) James FENELON  NRRAG Rep.

0411 123 405


To;          The Commissioner of Police

Or, to whom it may concern.

Sub;        Notice of intention to hold Public Assembly and Procession

Plan of event, route plan, and safety management plan

Date of event;                      15th of February 2018

Time of assembly:                15:00hrs

People wishing to be involved will assemble prior to 15:00hrs at Murwillumbah Railway Station.

Parking at this location has been assessed and ample parking is available. (It’s a railway station)

Tweed Tourist Centre manager has been consulted regarding parking and they have no issues with us using these parking spaces.

Do NOT park in the Bus stop!!!

We will ensure all vehicles’ will be legally parked in proper parking places.

There will be short speeches using a Public Address system and we will ensure the volume is not excessive, to not annoy non participants or disturb the peace.

This address will include a briefing to participants on the route, expectations regarding behavior and safety controls in place.

Marchers will depart the Railway station shortly after 15:00.   March will proceed along a planned route, (described in detail below) along the pedestrian foot path and never on the road, towards the TSC Council Building and assemble in the Park outside until 4pm. Some will go inside and attend the meeting. Some will remain outside in the Park; others will disperse individually and go home.

This will be the end of the rally.

Risk assessment and safety controls

The route will utilize the pedestrian footpath and never be on the road; however, it will be necessary to cross some roads at 3 carefully considered places.

We intend to do this in a very control manner and NOT interfere in any way with road traffic.

Marchers will be mostly 2 abreast and approx 2 meters apart.

Business along the route have been consulted and these include South Murwillumbah Post Office, Cafes along commercial road and the Tweed Tourist Information centre.

Every road crossing on the planned route will be attended by crossing control marshals (The Polite Force), wearing High Visibility vests, and communications will be achieved using portable VHF radios.

They will hold up the Marchers when necessary and only allow them to cross when the road is clear of all approaching vehicles’ and safe. .

 March Route

From the Railway station, (Sydney End of station) opposite Prospero Street, cross Tweed Valley Way (TVW) , then along the wide footpath on the Post Office side of  Prospero Street ,

Until corner of River Street,

Then crossing River Street at intersection of Prospero and River, to the River side park opposite.

From there, along the path in this park, and utilizing the underpass, beneath the Bridge over the Tweed River. Thus avoiding interfering with traffic flow along this busy road.

Then crossing Tweed River Bridge on North side, continuing along the same footpath along Commercial Rd (side closest to river.) until intersection of wharf street at the Southern Cross Credit Union Building.

From here we have two options and I would like Police advice on which should be preferred.

Option 1 continue on footpath along River side of Tumbulgum Road and cross Tumbulgum road in the vicinity of the levee wall park, across to the Park outside Council Offices, thus requiring only one road crossing here,

Or Option 2

Use the pedestrian crossing at corner of Wharf and commercial, but this is a very busy intersection and there would be two road crossings here. Although there is two pedestrian crossing, this option would be more disruptive to traffic and businesses.

In lieu of police advice my preferred safest route would be option 1, although this means crossing at a non marked area.

My credentials to conduct risk assessment properly and control safety,

I am a Master Mariner (Adv Dip Sci) (Ships Captain) with advanced formal training in Risk Management, People Management, Crowd Control and Crisis Management.  I am also a Para medic, shipboard medical officer and hold a current first aid certificate.

Let’s have a really fun day and put our message to our glorious rulers. !!!

Respect our opponents, forgive them, “they know not what they are doing”!

They are simply misled.

They are but pawns on the Coalitions great scheming chess board.

They can have a bicycle path, and I support this 100% but, we want a Train in the Region and will not settle for anything less

See you all there

Bill Fenelon NRRAG Rep

Northern Rivers Railway Action Group

Northern Rivers Railway Action Group