Nightcap Monuments Project Moves Forward

National Parks NSW has now assessed and approved the monuments project and given acknowledgement to the significance of the project to regional history and local communities. A monument’s site has been determined within the Terania Creek area of the Nightcap National Park.

The project timing also hopes to help to historically recognise the 2019 – 40th anniversary of the Terania Creek environmental actions of 1979. The rainforest logging protests at Terania and later at Mt Nardi brought about the creation of the now world heritage listed Nightcap National Park.

The monuments project has established collaboration with the Brunswick Valley Historical Society Inc. (BVHS) which is also sponsoring a new film on activism across the region. The historical society is collecting and archiving historical materials coming through the project. Recently both a television reporter from the time and a police officer have unearthed some great historical material for the project. The historical society is also soon to launch a special facebook with the project. Look out for the Rainforest Warriors Historical Project facebook page coming online. A project master website is now under construction with associated social media platforms. The monuments development program and artists brief with other project activities will be released soon on the Nightcap Monuments Project website.

The project is about to commence a dedicated fundraising program and will be seeking support from regional business, community groups and members, and philanthropic donations. Financial donations will be tax deductible and will be managed by the BVHS and Mullumbimby Museum. Project help is also sought with many tasks ahead.

You can contact the BVHS on Ph 0266844367 or project coordinator Trevor Reece at