EDO slides from Towards Zero Deforestation Roadshow

Thanks for joining us last week at the Tweed leg of the Towards Zero Deforestation Roadshow.

Deforestation is causing havoc for our wildlife, our climate, and the health of local communities and our land. I’m so glad you were part of the Roadshow — together we have the power to end the bulldozing of trees and wildlife habitat across the state.


I’ve already started to receive leaf petitions in the post, which is incredible. If you took some home with you, I hope you’ve had some great conversations with your neighbours about the issue. If you’d like me to send you more, please reply to this email.

At the event, NCC Campaigns Director Daisy Barham mentioned we are taking the government to court over its land-clearing laws, which are causing enormous harm across the state. If you would like to support our crowd-funded legal action, you’re most welcome to do so through our website here.

If you filled in the form to get more involved in the campaign, stay tuned. I’ll be in touch soon!

We are very grateful that Jemilah Hallinan from the NSW Environmental Defenders Office joined us for the first four days of the Roadshow to explain the complicated nature laws in NSW. You can download a copy of her presentation slides here.

Thank you for all that you do for our forests and wildlife,

Shirley Hall

Nature Campaigner

Nature Conservation Council of NSW

P.S. At the Grafton event, Vickii Lett, a wildlife carer for more than 30 years, said: “Without healthy habitat, we may as well euthanize animals as they come in to care.” That is the devastating reality facing wildlife and it’s what I am dedicated to turning around. Thank you for being part of the solution our wildlife, climate, and forests so desperately need.