Feeding Forests Into Furnaces To Boil Water To Turn A Turbine To Make Electricity To Use Momentarily And Then It Is Gone

Stop the pollution of the air, it is horrible, stop it.

And stop burning “biofuel” for goodness sake.

“Bio-Fuel”: Feeding Forests Into Furnaces To Make Electricity.

“Bio-Fuel” is burned in furnaces and the pollution released into the air.

They lie that biofuel is an ‘ecologically sustainable’ furnace fuel.

“Bio-Fuel” is a fraud, a lie, “Bio-Fuel” is a fraudulent, EU Regulations manipulating, money making op.

“Bio-Fuel” is killing, by ‘harvesting’, the last of the carbon capture and storage organisms, the trees.

“Bio-Fuel” is destroying the forests which is the very location of the ecology, the place in which the ecology exists.

“Bio-Fuel” is killing The Ecology.