CEC Coordinators Report

Thank you to all the CEC volunteers, members and supporters for ensuring CEC continues to represent the Tweed.

A year to remember with the changes due to Covid constraints. Despite having to close the shop for several months and restrict meetings and other activities CEC has managed a successful year being involved in environmental activities, preparing submissions and re-opening the shop.

One unfortunate cancellation was the CEC annual World Environment Day celebrations. Not to be put off we hosted a virtual World Environment Day on our website. World Environment Day funding from Council was returned and new funding has been applied for and successfully secured from Tweed Shire Council to hold the event in 2021. This will be our opportunity to make the event one to be remembered, post Covid. The annual Spring dinner was also cancelled this year.

The CEC nomination of Claire Masters in the Tweed Shire Council Sustainability Awards was successful and resulted in two Awards plus the naming of the sports oval at Chillingham in her honour.

CEC has continuing representatives on the Tweed Shire Council committees, Floodplain Management, Tweed River Estuary, Tweed Water Augmentation Group and Tweed Coast Koala Management .

The shop since re-opening has had a new change room and an increase in funds provided to purchase additional stock. Sales were strong after re-opening. The long mooted installation of a credit card payment method is up and running and proving convenient for customers and a benefit to sales. Computers, website and Facebook are being managed and updated.

Tracey Stinson and Jane Lofthouse attended our March meeting to explain the draft Climate Change Policy and opportunity to make a submission. They also provided a Mt Nullum update. -TSC has asked Dept of Industry and Environment for approval for a land swap, Mt Nullum for land required at Clarrie Hall Dam for its expansion.

The new CEC brochure was finalised and has been used to promote the Centre and new membership. Copies have been placed on display in the Tweed Shire Council foyer.

CEC was selected as one of the four community groups by the Enova Solar Garden project. This project has a centrally located solar array from which CEC receive a credit on our electricity bill.

Donation of $5000-$10000 has been approved for NEFA to acknowledge the actions they take to lobby for the environment. Poster purchases have included, No Electricity from Forests, Rise for Climate and Savings Forests is Climate Action.
CEC supported an Art Auction – Artists for Climate Change organised by Barry Firth. The auction raised $3310 for the Climate Council. Other initiatives supported by CEC are, It Takes a Town, Climate Change Citizen Assembly, Water Dragons, XR Murwullumbah. CEC has been represented at a review of Camphor Laurel Policy and TSC Stakeholders Forums,
Submissions were prepared for, Upper House Inquiry into Crown Lands, Tweed Shire Council on the Draft Climate Change Policy – Net Zero 2030, Koala SEPP Guidelines, Narrabri Gas, Tweed Strategic Plan, Water Sharing, EPBC Act Review, Objection to DA for water mining at Nobbys Creek, Objection to DA to expand activities at Mavis’s Kitchen, response to TSC survey on use of plastics, Inquiry into the Sustainability of Energy Supply and Resources in NSW, NCC Biomass supporter, press release LLS Act in Tweed Weekly and promotion and attendance at the Kill the Bill rally.

A Mid Year Newsletter was prepared for distribution to members. Articles were forwarded to Nola Firth who put together the newsletter.

All in all, even with the Covid constraints, a very successful year thanks to our dedicated group of active members and supporters.

Focus for 2021 is to continue current activities and provide information and support of local environmental issues and keep the shop open as a community resource. This coming year it would be ideal to increase membership and member involvement to assist with submissions, lobbying and shop operation.

Thank you to everyone for their support of CEC and let’s keep up the momentum this coming year.


Caldera Environment Centre Coordinators Report
9th November 2020