Draft State Strategic Plan for Crown Land

Government has prioritised the commercialisation of Crown Lands and misses both The Ecological Importance of Crown Lands and the need to move towards First Nations stewardship and co-management.

Crown Land is our land, it belongs to the people of NSW and should be managed in the way we believe is appropriate.

We have highlighted the interesting bits for clarity and speed of reading.

Note within the Draft Plan, the noble sounding ‘Work with Aboriginal comunities to realise the potential of their land rights” is code language for gaining contracted economic access to newly Aboriginal Titled Crown Lands. In this regard the Plan For Crown Lands is a tool for further aboriginal dispossession, just when they got some of their land back again.

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Alternatively you can download and fill in a submision form and return it by email or post to the addresses found here: https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/lands/public/on-exhibition/draft-state-strategic-plan-for-crown-land