Extension of Regional Forestry Agreements

Another important submission is due on RFAs.  The 23 February submission date pertained to the 10 and 15 year review.  Another is needed for the proposed extension of RFAs.

Overview from the NSW Government   NPA submission guide

Info from NPA website –

Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) are 20-year agreements between the State and Commonwealth Governments that permit the logging of public native forests. Under the RFAs forests in NSW have suffered through intensive logging which damages not just the trees being logged but many threatened species which rely on healthy forests. These public forests belong to the people of NSW and we now have a vital opportunity to have a say on how they are managed in the future.

Submissions are being sought (until 12 March 2018) on:

  1. The 10 and 15 year reviews of the RFAs (performance reviews) and;
  2. The proposed extension of RFAs.

Submissions on the latter element (the extension) should address:

  • What shape renewed RFAs should take.
  • What emerging issues over the last 20 years need to be captured?
  • What principles the new RFA should be based on?