Calling attention to the removal of protection for wildlife habitat

NEFA has decided to call attention to the removal of protection for wildlife habitat – no more Council approval for development even in core koala habitat. No approvals required even for broadscale landclearing and logging. What ?!

NRG and others will gather in front of the South Tweed office of Geoff Provest (Midginbal Drive, opposite Tweed City shopping centre) at 1100  Friday the 6th November.

We hope to convince the Coalition there could be electoral damage if they go ahead with these changes. If not, at least we may raise public awareness of this deceit. Bring signs, masks  and stay Covid-safe.

 See you there.


NSW has got the Beri-Bari government back again The Premier (Berijiklian) doesn’t look into the finances of everyone she bonks, and her Deputy (Barilaro) is back from mental health leave after the Liberals rolled over to allow the Nationals a “compromise” that saved the Coalition. The compromise was in fact a complete betrayal of the government’s commitment to save what is left of the state’s koala population, which is reduced to about 30% of its numbers only 20 years ago. #Koalakiller is a suitable hashtag for Beri-Bari and the Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall, whose LLS Bill to amend the protections has removed the ability for local Councils to enforce E-zones to protect rare and sensitive landscapes while giving landholders the absolute right to decide on development. Nothing much to do with farmers, though ostensibly the motive for change was to allow farmers to do whatever they like. That may be good for boosting the Nats’ electoral prospects, eh?

Gladys says that it is the “perfect balance.” But what is left for the koalas and other wildlife? A balance might be 50-50, but these amendments seem to give prerogative over everything (100%) to moneyed interests. What will be left for the rest of the natural world?

Environmentalists will continue to push for preservation of trees and wildlife habitat. The only way to moderate extreme climate events is to conserve nature. We need to protect our water and expand our forests. Even humans need the environment to survive.