Join the Action at Myrtle State Forest

Dear Friends,

NRG will be volunteering to join NEFA in defending our native forests from the assault being mounted by the State and Federal government-sponsored rogue logging industry. Your commitment to protecting our forests is an inspiring and important step toward a sustainable and peaceful world.

At the June monthly meeting, NRG decided to gather at the Myrtle State Forest sign beside the Summerland Way about 30 km south of Casino on Thursday, 2nd July, at 10:00AM. The sign is not far past Elliotts Road. (Search Google Maps for Elliotts Road, Myrtle Creek NSW.)

After we have oriented ourselves, we will go to the area scheduled for logging (entrance about 9 km further south towards Grafton.) If you can come, it will be a good time to orient with what is happening in our area and see for yourself how the public native forests are recovering from drought and wildfires.

I suggest you go to the StandUp4Forests Facebook page ( for a map of where the action is and (under Discussions) to see video of some other community groups (Knitting Nannas, Extinction Rebellion, etc.) Maybe have a few sentences ready to say on camera why you want to defend forests, any songs you want to sing, or other non-violent theatrics all good. Community showing up to demand change!

The forests are home to myriad flora and fauna and need our help to be protected against continued greed and outdated harvesting. We can do more with less damaging methods. It is time to change.

NRG is a member of NEFA and several other environment umbrella alliances. Signing up to NEFA action volunteering is a good way to help. (See below) See you there?

From NEFA:

Right now our first priority is to expand our network so that all our voices and actions can have the greatest impact on the forest vandals. Please share this page via email and social media with all of your friends & ask them to join our campaign and share it onward. If you have not yet Liked our Facebook Page ( then please do so now and once you have Liked it please invite all your friends to do the same. Together we can achieve anything!

We will be in touch via email and through social media to keep you posted on actions you can take to support the ongoing effort to save our forests and the koalas and other threatened animals that depend on them for life. Until then we rely on you to remain vigilant for opportunities to take whatever peaceful initiatives you can to add to the community push for sanity in our forests.

With deepest appreciation;

P.O. Box 3321  Uki, NSW 2484

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