Native Forests ARE NOT ‘Biofuel’ replacement for coal.

Here and now, at The Time of The Collapse Of The Ecology, they are doubling down on stupid.

They are industrially feeding our native forests into furnaces, as a replacement for coal, to make electricity.

They have changed the laws to take away the tree protections.

They have made laws which say that burning forests for furnace fuel instead of coal is ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘ecologically sustainable’, it isn’t.

They have designed and implemented the tree-to-furnace economic and logistic processes.

They are converting our ex-coal fired electricity furnaces to burn forests instead of coal.

They are exporting Australian Native Forests as furnace fuel to make electricity in China and Europe.

We stopped them burning coal, so now, instead of burning coal, they are burning our forests in their furnaces to make electricity.

At The Time of The Collapse Of The Ecology, they are deliberately destroying what little is left of the ecology.

This is so fucked up.