NCC > Breaking: The NSW Government just introduced a bill to scrap protections for koala habitat and fast-track logging.

If you thought the news for koalas (and hence forests) couldn’t get any worse read the forwarded email from the Nature Conservation Council. If the NSW Nationals have their way that will be the outcome. They want to relax restrictions on private native forestry and strip Councils from having any say. Our local member Geoff Provest has championed his concern for the plight of koalas so needs to be reminded that he’s not representing us if he supports this bill. It’s as simple as clicking on the link and saying so. The next State election is not far off, next March.


Koalas were declared endangered just six months ago. It was meant to mark a turning point for protecting and restoring koala homes.

Instead, we are watching this desperate ploy by certain parliamentary forces to reduce already weak koala safeguards for their powerful logging mates.

Email your local member of parliament now to ask them to scrap this plan? 

This plan is laid out in the proposed Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Private Native Forestry) Bill 2022.

This bill, if enacted, would strip local councils of their ability to limit destructive native forest logging and implement controls to protect threatened species.

It also extends the life of logging approvals on private land from 15 to 30 years.

With koalas facing extinction in less than 30 years, this would lock in future tree clearing, and make it even harder to stop the downward spiral koala populations are on.

Email your local member now to let them know that any reductions to koala protection are unacceptable. 

By emailing Premier Perrottet and your local MP, we can show them that going ahead with the koala killing plan will is a deeply unpopular move with a NSW election just five months away.

Together, let’s show them just how many people care about a future with koalas.

We won’t accept anything less.

In determination,

Jacqui Mumford
Nature Conservation Council