Protecting our paddock trees

Paddock trees are big, old, majestic native trees that often stand alone like sentinels from another time. They graciously provide shelter for stock, nectar for honeybees, hollows for nesting, and places of rest and safety for weary wildlife.

Studies have shown economic and environmental benefits from keeping paddock trees and small patches of native trees in a rural landscape.

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This page honours the humble paddock tree and aims to assist these valuable giants outlining how they can be protected.

Council is offering assistance to landholders to keep their trees in good health and assist regeneration of future trees. Click here to find out more or phone Council on (02) 6670 2419.

Council has instigated the planting of more than 30,000 trees at 37 priority locations on the Tweed Coast during the past four years, in response to the dwindling koala population. The plantings have been mixed, with an emphasis on koala food trees.