Submission in objection to the Whitehaven coal mine expansion at Narrabri

Lock The Gate have asked for submissions to the Independent Planning Commission in objection to the new expansion of the Whitehaven Narrabri coal mine which will affect the environment as detailed below.

The CEC submission:

We (the Caldera Environment Centre, Murwillumbah NSW) object to the Whitehaven coal mine expansion at Narrabri.

We object because the proposed mine expansion:

1. will damage significant areas of the Pilliga forest, which is home to many threatened species, this in itself is grossly inappropriate given the Ecological Crisis, the Collapse of The Ecology and Australia’s part in that, and
2. will significantly add to the carbon polution problem, one of the factors directly causing climate change
3. will affect productive farmland
4. will affect groundwater, affecting farmers
5. will directly affect cultural values, including potential cracking and damage to a well-preserved grinding grove site.

Our objection to this coal mine expansion is firm, do not approve this coal mine expansion.

Caldera Environment Centre


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