Kings Forest Koalas – submissions due 19 March

Final Opportunity for the Community to have a say in the Koala Plan of Management regarding our Endangered Tweed Coast Koalas in Kings Forest.

Here is a letter developed by Team Koala that can be completed by interested supporters and most importantly personalised by adding something under item 4.

Deadline for submissions is 5pm Tuesday 19th March by email to or via the Independent Planning Commission website

As you are likely aware, there is a Koala Corridor in Kings Forest and the development was approved in 2010 with many conditions to primarily protect the endangered Koala colony in Kings Forest.

Since 2010, there have been many attempted changes, we are now seeking comment and support with the Fourth Modification. The community has placed its confidence and support in Team Koala each and every time to voice community sentiment letting the government know they and we, remain focused on the one main thing Protecting Tweed Coast Koalas. By ensuring an adequate KPOM (Koala Plan of Management) is in place before any works commence, the one main thing, Protecting Tweed Coast Koalas will be achieved.

To do this we need your help more than ever.

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The final determination of the Modification 4, Kings Forest Development KPOM, is with the Independent Planning Commission (IPC NSW).

We have scrutinised the Department of Planning’s current determinations for the KPOM and we note there are at least 3 very important issues that must be addressed for the KPOM to be successful in the protection and survival of the Tweed Coast Koalas.

  1. Offset planting of 27Ha of Koala Food Trees is not clear and remains unresolved. It must be securedthrough binding or legal arrangement before any construction commences.

Here is the Background – 27Ha of Koala Food Trees were to be originally planted in Cudgen Nature Reserve. This condition remains a serious area of concern as the proponent has to date not approached Office of Environment & Heritage or Tweed Shire Council regarding any planting of the 27Ha of Koala Food Trees. Nor, has any legal or binding arrangement been made to secure offset planting which is a biodiversity responsibility when dealing with fragile ecosystems.

  1. Entrance roads through Environmental Protection Zonesmust have underpasses before any construction commences. If ONLY fencing is installed without underpasses it will result in Koalas and wildlife being cut off from their natural corridor for many years.

Here is the Background – The entrance (haulage) roads that traverse environment zones already exist between proposed work sites and the access road. Should only fencing be installed along these roads with no underpasses, the result is koalas and wildlife will be cut off from their natural corridors for many years, maybe even decades. It is imperative that underpasses are in place PRIOR to Construction Certificates being issued. Installation of road underpasses first before construction was the intent of the original Concept Plans for Kings Forest.

  1. The Cudgen Paddock (golf course) should not be fenced off. The intent was to remain as a wildlife corridor. Fencing will stop the Koalas accessing their food trees. The fencing should be placed around urban areas that abut the golf course, thus allowing koalas and other wildlife unimpeded access to their food source.

Here is the Background – The Cudgen Paddock will be severely disrupted by earthworks and the creation of a golf course. As compensation, the golf course was to be part of a wildlife corridor. This has been a condition of approval from the earliest Director General’s Environmental assessments. How will the Koalas in the Environmental Protection Zones (EPZ), adjoining the golf course, access their food trees in the golf course and how do they cross to other EPZ’s if they are fenced from this area?  It is more appropriate and logical to place fencing around urban areas that adjoin the golf course to allow freedom of movement for koalas and wildlife.

Fact – Kings Forest Residential Development is two & a half times the size of Kingscliff.

Approximately 856 Hectares, 4,500 homes, 11,000 people.

Your support can help provide the best outcome for our Tweed Coast Koalas.

Team Koala – Tweed Coast Koala Protection

Saving Our Endangered Koalas on the Tweed

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