The Million Jobs Plan

Beyond Zero Emissions

The Million Jobs Plan is the framework to restore our economy. We’ve mapped out how we can rebuild our nation through practical projects that can restore our economy, modernise our industry, reskill our workforce and deliver a bright and secure economic future.

We’ve identified seven key sectors across our economy where strategic investment over the next five years would have the most impact and create the most jobs, including

  • Energy
  • Building
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Recycling
  • Land Use
  • Training

Jobs will be distributed around Australia, including in cities and regions already under pressure from the closure of traditional heavy industry and manufacturing, historical droughts and fires, and high unemployment.

The next stage of this project will include shortlisting of several priority projects across Australia that we will present to the government over the coming months, along with the private investors and partnerships needed to realise these projects, create good, secure jobs and kick our economy back into gear.

The Million Jobs Plan was developed by expert researchers at BZE, in collaboration with communities across Australia and an advisory committee made up of world-leading experts in economics, business, technology and climate science including:

Ross Garnaut Richard Denniss Cristina Talacko Malcolm Turnbull Paul Gilding Alexie Seller John Connor Jamie Yallop Farrant Simon Corbell Justine Jarvinen Caroline PidockRoy Green Katerina Kimmorley Martijn Wilder Anne Hellstedt John Grimes Monica Bradley Phil Vernon James Tilbury Danny Touma Christiana Figueres Danny Kennedy

The multitude of jobs in clean energy and low emissions industries are brought to life through case studies and ideas from our Zero Carbon Communities and our Business and Industry Partners.

On June 29 2020 Beyond Zero Emissions launched The Million Jobs Plan. The launch included a stellar line up including Christiana Figueres and Mike Cannon-Brookes. You can watch the webinar launch