Tree Magazine Autumn 2009


TREE, Vol. 9, Issue 12

Editorial-  Developer puppet councillors and/or council bureaucrats call the shots;   Kings Forest and Cobaki Lakes – Concept Plan Applications, Councillor Katie Milne on the inadequacies of the development proposals;  Repco Rally Australia- inappropriate to say the least; The Issue of Public Consultation-   interpreting power relationships; Dear Council-   … please explain;   NSW Spin Doctors Find Another Frog to Save-   tosh served up in the promotion of the Repco Australia Rally;   Community is security-  a Transition Initiative is a community working together  to face the coming crisis;    Bay Street-   where is the transparency recommended by the Bulford and Daly Inquiries?;  Hands Off Country-  help the Kimberley;  Submission by the CEC to the NSW DoP-  objecting to the ‘Developer’ Proposals for Cobaki Lakes and Kings Forest, we don’t think golf courses are appropriate ecological buffers;  Stirring the Calderan- renewable futures.

TREE, the Tweed River Environmental Echo, is the newsletter of the Caldera Environment Centre.

To view TREE, Vol. 9, Issue 12:   TREEMagazine Autumn2009

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