Tree Magazine Spring 2007


Give Your Vote more teeth-  vote multiple times below the line; editorial- when it comes to the federal election there is really only one option, let’s get rid of the Howard gang;   Why vote in a world gone mad?  at some time in the last thirty years, most of us decided that the suburban lifestyle we grew up in was a train wreck waiting to happen, and jumped off;   PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT CONTROL PLAN (DCP) FOR MURWILLUMBAH-  we believe there is a lack of local grass-roots democracy as a result of non residents awarding  consultancy contracts to foreign frms who then do not engage sufficiently with local residents;    TYALGUM DAM, THE OXLEY MORON;   Stirring the Calderan-   if we can remove the weasel-worded one we must be ahead;   Some Questions for Candidates-   for the Seat of Richmond;   Chemical Free Weed Control, Part 4-  WEED SUCCESSION AND REPLACEMENT AT CUMBEBIN;   ROLL OUT THE TANKS IN OZ-   “Clean Coal” and ”Clean and Green Nuclear” are oxymoronic and are a distant pipe dream, (or nightmare);   SUSTAINABLE  FARMS  and  CITIES-   a carnival against carbon.

TREE, the Tweed River Environmental Echo, is the newsletter of the Caldera Environment Centre

To view TREE, Vol. 9, Issue 9 click here:   TREE_vol_9_issue_09_Spring2007

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