Tweed water supply augmentation

At Council meeting on 10th December the following motion was passed on the casting vote of the Mayor.

Mayoral Minute Water Supply Augmentation

1. Based on the information currently available, Council adopts the raising of the wall of the Clarrie Hall Dam as the preferred option for future water security and proceeds with the planning approval and land acquisitions phase for the project.

2. Concurrently a comprehensive independent review of Council’s Water Supply-Demand options is undertaken as a matter of priority, to ascertain further consideration of the most ecologically sustainable, climate change resilient, cost effective and socially acceptable long term water management and augmentation options available.  Such a review should include, but not be limited to, a full range of demand management, drought security and supply options.

3. The community working group that was previously established to consider the water augmentation options be reconvened (with the exception for new Councillor representatives, and any vacancies to be advertised), to recommend the terms of reference for the review, recommend the selection criteria and weightings for selecting a preferred consultant for the review, and as a project reference group for the review.




Cr. Barry Longland, Byrne & Polglase have proposed a rescission on the 20 year Moratorium on Byrrill Creek Dam at the Council Meeting Thursday 10th December.

Cr Caroline Byrne has also proposed to approve preliminary plans to move forward on both Byrrill Creek Dam and the raising of Clarrie Hall Dam.  See Meeting Agenda Item 31 below.

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Removing the Council moratorium on building a dam at Byrrill Creek gives the opportunity for the State Government to intervene and take the decision to build a dam at Byrrill Creek out of Tweed Councils hands entirely..

The Byrrill Creek area is too high in conservation & ecological values to consider a dam there.

Despite our reservations,(due to Cr Longland’s  support of the rescission motion) it is time to accept that the pre approval plans for raising of Clarrie Hall Dam need to be supported now ( as the lesser of the 2 evils). Clarrie Hall has been shown as the top priority of the Council Staff Report of the 19th November, as the most cost effective way to proceed.

We  also  request that, at the same time, the Councils Demand Management Strategy & Water Options be examined by an independent body, specifically  the Institute for Sustainable Futures, to explore sustainable solutions to Tweeds Water Augmentation.

To move forward on approvals for both dams is a pointless and very costly waste of ratepayers money. By 2036 the shire needs approx 4,000ML extra water. The proposed large Byrrill Creek Dam is 36,000ML & the raised Clarrie Hall Dam is 22,700ML.- Put together this is an oversupply of 54,000ML!

For some environmental facts on the Byrrill Creek area visit

Council Meeting Thursday 10 December 2015 
Agenda Item 31  Page 212

 Byrrill Creek Dam Site

Councillor C Byrne, B Longland and W Polglase hereby give notice that at the next Ordinary meeting of Council we will move that the resolution from the meeting held on 15th May 2012 at Minute No 314 Item No 49 title Cr D Holdom] Byrrill Creek Dam Site

Moratorium being:

“that Council places a moratorium on any dam proposal at Byrrill Creek for a period of the next twenty (20) years, effective from 15 May rescinded.

5 December 2015 Joanna Gardner