Updated Chlamydia Vaccine


We have great news : the launch of a “Pozible” crowd funding campaign for a vaccine to protect koalas from the deadly Chlamydia virus

Research scientists at Sunshine Coast University have developed this vaccine and now need to test it on koalas in the wild

Team Koala believe this to be the MOST important project we have ever supported.

Catching the Chlamydia disease is a death sentence for koalas but it will continue unabated due to the stresses of human co-habitation.

We simply MUST discover a vaccine against Chlamydia.

We cannot take away other stresses koalas must endure but we can make them more resilient and adaptable to the human environment in which they live.

Although this medical research is critically important there is no government support for scientific projects such as this in the current economic environment.

Your donation will be spent directly on non-harmful tracking collars for the vaccinated koalas.

Supporters who donate over $10 will have the chance of tracking their koala in the wild and a $20 donation will give you project reports and updates as well.  Such field data is critical to the research and this will be the first time we are able to access it.

Please go to the website and have a look for yourself:

Due to the current absence of political support you’ll probably be hearing about other such projects across Australia asking people to step up to save our animals in the wild.

Please be assured the koalas in our region are nearing extinction – the success of this vaccine will very likely be the difference between their life and death.