WATER MINING, Please make a submission to council by 17 September.

Email: TSC@tweed.nsw.gov.au

Subject: Draft Planning Proposal PP18/0004

Main points to make (in your ow words):

>  Water belongs to the community and should not be used for private profit.

>  Given concerns over negative environmental impacts of water extraction, the precautionary principal should be applied.

>  With more and more heavy vehicles transporting extracted water on our roads, residents’ safety and damage to the local road network are both serious concerns. These truck movements are also incompatible with the tranquil ambience and eco-tourism of Tweed villages. *

>  This water mining raises concerns over the new massive stream of environmentally harmful single-use plastics used for bottling.

>  The high level of community opposition to this activity (99.96% of Uki residents) needs to be respected and supported. >  In a time of extreme drought, widespread regional bush fires, and critically low dams, precious groundwater is being extracted at industrial levels and trucked away from the region.

Thank you for your support!