Terri Nicholson – Caldera Singer-Songwriter

Community member, environmental activist, a singer/songwriter, a natural health practitioner/healer, a deep ecologist.

“Growing up in an activist family of rainforest lovers …

… I thrive on living close to the land, growing my own food, being able to sink my feet in the grass, to swim in the river, …

… I stand for environmental sustainability and conscious aware relationships (with self and others and the earth) …

… I value NATURE. The beauty, intricacy and interconnected reality that we are the earth, as it is us.”

From the forest and from the heart:

Growing up surrounded by the beauty of the Terania rainforest, as well as the knowledge that it was her community’s activism that had protected it from logging, gives Terri a deep appreciation and courage that comes through in her own songs and that “Keeping the songs of the forest protests alive feels important for the continuity of story and commitment to native forest protection.”

Guided by her sense of ecological-self, always in deep reverence and relationship with the living earth, her songs of love and heartache with human relationships also have a gentle, strong and honest depth.


Link: Tree Song from Australian singer/songwriter Terri Nicholson’s Amazon best-seller folk album ‘Fall Into Feeling’.