Murwillumbah Facing Up: How do we live in the midst of the climate and ecological crisis?

Regent Theatre with Tim Hollo, AYCC Krysta & DirtGirl:

Systems Change for Planetary Survival. 

Notes from the event (Brian). 


–  “Abandon hope that the current system can save us.” 

–  “… it must be the end of the world as we know it.” 

–  The cycle of everything is growth, conservation of form, collapse, reorganisation.” 

–  “From the science of evolution, the pattern of punctuated equilibrium could be a reference for us regarding political and system change.” 

–  “Collapse is a transformation, a punctuation of equilibrium.” 

–  “What comes after the collapse is what is growing below the system just before the collapse, and that shall be what emerges as the new system.” 

–  “‘Transformative incrementalism,’  small community or home change, is underrated.”

–  “The things which we do, they may seem small and ineffectual, but when the collapse happens, they are new system which will emerge.”

–  “Withdraw consent to encourage the punctuation of the equilibrium.

Dirt Girl

–  “Stop using the word hope, and use the word courage.”

–  “Hope is thrown around as a solution for ecological anxiety.”

–  “Be gentle with ourselves, allow ourselves to be ourselves.”

–  “Be often in nature.”

–  We were raised to live in a community, not an economy.”

Krysta AYCC
– “The objective of the is ‘a Climate Justice, Uprising.”

****Note: the above quotations are as I, an audience member, understood them to be said as I was taking notes, I may be misrepresenting what was said, though perhaps not.****


Facing Up is a series of trauma-informed conversations that focuses on the social, economic, cultural, political, emotional and spiritual consequences of the ecological crisis. 

The Facing Up event series is running from March to November with a talk a month across different Northern Rivers venues. Each talk has a different set of speakers but for each the premise is the same: “… knowing what we know, how do we then go about our lives? “

Regent Theatre venue, 24th May, the Conversation begins at 6pm – 8.30pm, food from 5:30pm.

Tim Hollo is based in Canberra and runs The Green Institute, Tim worked for Christine Milne when she was a Senator and has also worked as a campaigner for Greenpeace.