Two HSC students have locked themselves to a cement filled barrel and a third HSC student has locked on to logging machinery to prevent logging operations in Orara East State Forest.
A few kilometres away in Boambee State Forest two grandmothers have halted logging machinery by locking themselves to the arm of a harvester. 
A tree-climber has also erected a tree-sit with the intent to stay for as long as it takes to protect Boambee State Forest from logging.

All of these peaceful direct actions come in both a climate and species extinction crisis. Communities are increasingly turning towards brave acts of direct action, putting their bodies in the way of irreversible destruction as a last line of defence. Almost everyone wants to see native forests protected and Bellingen Activist Network (BAN) is currently experiencing more and more everyday people requesting to be upskilled to take direct actions locally to protect the forests. 

BAN is calling for an immediate end to all industrial logging in NSW native forests. Western Australian and Victoria have committed to ending native forest logging. More information on upcoming local actions and events, including the upcoming Forest Fest on July 8 can be found at facebook.com/bellingenactivistnetwork.

HSC students at Orara East Forest
April (17) from the Orara Valley says “I’m a passionate year 12 student from Coffs Harbour. I am making a sacrifice by pausing my HSC studies and risking my future to protest against the logging of native habitat, particularly this forest next to my home. This forest holds a special place in my heart, and I refuse to stand idly by as Forestry Corp destroys the cherished memories I associate with it. It’s high time the NSW government recognises the urgent need to halt deforestation of native habitats and protect the natural treasures on Gumbaynggirr land”. 

Jimmy (17) from Nana Glen says “I am a local student fighting for the survival of this forest and the future of endangered and threatened flora and fauna. NSW Forestry is destroying forests in the area with no consideration of the impact it will have on the ecosystem. Time is running out and we must fight to protect critical habitat like Orara East State Forest”. 

Mason (17) from Glenreagh says “I am here on behalf of myself and my 14 year old brother. The rate at which our government is auctioning off natural forests is frightening, and I feel powerless to do anything about it. We’ve tried protesting, and we can’t vote, which is why we feel driven to take this action against these machines ripping our trees down. The government can stop this and we just need them to take notice”. 
Grandmothers at Boambee Forest

Chris (74) from Coffs Harbour is taking action today in a state of sheer desperation. “I don’t know what else I can do. I’ve run out of ideas but I haven’t run out of steam – I am steaming mad.  I’ve written so many letters to politicians, I’ve demonstrated in the streets, I’ve handed out leaflets about the dire situations up here. I’ve joined and donated to conservation organisations, I’ve signed a myriad of petitions, I’ve lobbied local government”. 

Susan from Valla says “I’m here like many others are in different places all over the world. I am protesting against our governments total lack of care for the environment, it’s flora and fauna, it’s people and our precious planet. Day by day they are unnecessarily destroying our forests, our land, our precious creatures, everything I hold dear. I am unbelievably sad to think of what the grandchildren and those to come will inherit, due to decades of greed, waste and governmental neglect”. 

Tree sitter at Boambee Forest
They have said “I’m tired of this country being run as a corporation extracting every resource possible. NSW Forestry Corporation is leaving our communities in a mess, native forest logging is ridiculous and this destruction has to stop”. Their unruly and rogue attitudes were on display last week in Boambee Forest as they dangerously carried out operations while a peaceful protestor was suspended in a tree sit. The current tree sitter has said “this behaviour made me want to get involved even more. What were they thinking behaving like that?”.