NCC: “Habitat clearing – the elephant in the bush”

The Nature Conservation Council:

50 million trees. More emissions than Sydney, every year!

This is the devastating impact of habitat clearing across NSW. 

Help us [NCC, Nature Conservation Council] end this destruction.

We are lucky to live amongst some of the most unique and diverse ecosystems on the planet. For tens of thousands of years, our native plants and animals have fostered and supported life – filtering our water, storing carbon, regulating the temperature and so much more. But all around us these precious habitats and ecosystems are being destroyed. 

Habitat clearing for agricultural development is now the biggest cause of environmental loss in NSW – and it’s getting worse.  Since changes introduced in 2016, habitat clearing rates have tripled, with 100,000 hectares lost each year. 

We are now in the absurd position where those who stand to profit most can’self-assess’ the ecological value of their land, and then approve its destruction.  

Meanwhile, developers are allowed to destroy areas of critical ecological importance if they promise to ‘save’ another in the future.   

These loopholes and accounting tricks need to stop. 

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Australia is the only developed nation named as a ‘global deforestation hotspot’ and NSW is the worst-ranked state in the country. Woodland cleared in northwest NSW. Image by Shirley HallWoodland cleared in northwest NSW. Image by Shirley Hall

One of the main barriers to reform is that the majority of people, including members of parliament, simply don’t realise that habitat clearing for agricultural development has become the biggest cause of environmental loss in NSW.

This is why we’ve coordinated the Stand Up for Nature (SUFN) Alliance, a coalition of leading environmental organisations committed to a Nature Positive NSW. 

This exciting vision presents a 10 point plant to shift from the destruction to the regeneration of nature across our state.

The SUFN alliance will work together to raise public awareness of the damage caused by habitat clearing, and how easily this can be stopped. 

Over the coming months, we’ll be briefing MPs, talking to the media, and launching a dedicated online campaign. 

You can support this vital work by donating here. Thanks for all that you do.

Jacqui @ Nature Conservation Council