World Environment Day 2022, 17th July Knox Park Murwillumbah – #OnlyOneEarth

The Caldera World Environment Day Event 

  • promotes sustainability and protection of the natural environment, 
  • celebrates the environmental culture and ecological bio-diversity in our region, 
  • is a coming together to learn about and to discuss the challenges we face in living in the age of the ecological crisis, and 
  • is designed to be encouraging, inspiring, positive and productive. 

The event will include presentations, demonstrations, Information, children’s entertainment, musical entertainment and food and goods stalls. 

The  United Nations World Environment Day 2022 campaign is: #OnlyOneEarth.

#OnlyOneEarth calls for  collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.


Guest speaker Donovan Teal
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Donovan Teal is an explorer and photographer, with a focus on giving exposure to some of the stranger Earthling life forms. In the past 12 months Donovan has taken a photographic survey of the Uki area, capturing a unique slice of the local wildlife diversity. An active member of the online citizen scientist community, he is perhaps best known for his photography of insect and spider eating fungi.

Guest Speaker Robert Kooyman

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Rob Kooyman, respected Australia forest ecologist, traces the history of the ancient forests of Gondwana, how they evolved from Patagonia and Antartica…and now after just 232 years of white settlement, are in grave danger of being destroyed beyond repair.

Luna Junction

“An eclectic extravaganza of Gypsy, World, Folk and Jazz, Luna Junction weave a colourful tapestry of traditional and original music. Incorporating brass, flutes, nylon-guitar, double bass, percussion and more, this dynamic musical troupe playfully juggle genres, instruments and influences”

Felicity Lawless and Black Rabbit George (of Tijuana Cartel) 

Two iconic artists – guitarists, singer-songwriters, troubadours – join forces over their love of gypsy and flamenco rhythm. They explore the sum of their parts: their inspirations, their travels and stories, through virtuosic guitar work and song. From out of a hidden hinterland of Gold Coast music comes a collaboration that should have happened long ago … two flawless guitarists whose talents have at last collided in a burst of musical energy.

Loose Content are an Indie Rock band born and bred in the Byron Shire. The trio, consisting of members MiLLa (Bass and vocals), Sam Sanders (Guitar) and Aquila Porter (Drums & backing vocals), formed in early 2018, releasing their first EP, ‘A Poem for Alix’ in February 2021. After winning the Mullum Music Festival Youth Mentorship program in 2018, the group have gone on to play at internationally acclaimed local festivals as well as shows at some of the area’s most iconic venues; The Beach Hotel, Brunswick Picture House, Howl and Moan Records & The Rails. Recently Loose Content was crowned winner of the renowned Bluesfest Busking Competition, scoring a slot on the program at Bluesfest & a chance to record with Nick DiDia – producer of the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine & many more. With a growing collective identity & newly found aspirations, 2022 is anticipated to pilot Loose Content’s most musically fertile chapter.

The Pitts Family Circus: In this day and age The Pitts are a true rarity, an actual performing family acrobatic troupe, all the children have performed from birth (sometimes before) and continue to do so, all working together to keep the family going, even in these somewhat trying times. Blurring the lines between truth and fiction the Pitts perform a variety of rare and spectacular circus acts always presented with a keen sense of dark laconic lunacy.Ages 42. 40, 16, 10, and 5 years.

Hoopla Circus
is a youth based circus school, run out of the Murwillumbah Showgrounds. Our mission is to teach, inspire and spread the joy of circus and performance. Over the last 15 years Hoopla Circus has been grown from its humble beginnings to a vibrant fully equiped training facility, attracting students from toddler years all the way up to adults. Many of our students have gone on to pursue circus as a profession. We love circus and love brining circus to our local community, Hoopla has participated in many community festivals through out the years, World Environment day being one of our favourites. We are looking forward to entertaining you with some seriously funky tricks sprinkled with a touch of humour.