Renew Fest’s 24hr Vigil for Grief, for Love, for the Earth [!]

Renew Fest’s 24hr Vigil for Grief,
4pm Saturday to 4pm Sunday 29th-30th July 2023,
Fig Tree Grove, Mullumbimby Showground.

This event is a free open-air cathedral, arts-infused, quiet contemplative space to honour and give respect to personal and collective grief and all that grief brings to the fore to feel… to heal… to love… and to cherish. 

It’s a really special event, the kind that the heart yearns for, and we are really looking forward to sharing it with you.

Program information soon to come. You can also read more about the Vigil on either of our two websites

We last held this Vigil back in 2019. This is what Lila wrote about her experience of it…

‘Met by a collective hum of gentle sanctity on entering, I was immediately moved to emotion.
Resting on tree roots in the soft sun, sinking into the ground and a space overlooked in our culture… an intentional collective moment to grieve, was such a deep gift.
It was an opportunity for things to mulch, to biodegrade, and nourish the forest floor of my being.
The attention to detail was exquisite. Three fires in alignment, the gentle clicking of a spinning wheel, a carefully crafted labyrinth sat with petals at the core, a welcome to silence, all ushered us into inner space, cradled by a circle of trees.
The incentive to offer this into communal space is so insightful, so skilful and so generous. Thank you Ella and Luke for the beauty and sorrow in your hearts and turning this into an offering.’

You can read more about what it was like for those who attended in our VIGIL FOR GRIEF 2019 – Communal Diary of Post-Event Reflections here.

Calling out for Volunteers for the 24Hr Vigil for Grief at the end of July in Mullumbimby … a very hearty and beautiful community event.

Thank you so much to those who have reached out to offer help already. We are needing around another 10 folks to assist with set up, vigil space holding and pack down. If you would like to consider volunteering please email and we can send you more info 💛