Your Native Forests Are To Be Used As Furnace Fuel For Electricity

Your Native Forests are to be industrially fed into electricity power station furnaces overseas – to replace the now banned coal – to boil water to turn turbines to make electricity to be used momentarily then it is gone.

‘Somehow’, The European Union have legaly declared that burning Native Forests as coal-replacement fuel for electricity generation plants is “Sustainable”, and “Carbon Neutral”, which is lies.

Those in control of have changed the laws, removing protections for native forests, facilitating and encouraging the industrial destruction of native forests for export furnace fuel for electricity generation.

The Australian NSW Government Department of Primary Resource (DPI) are highly complicit, ‘the DPI’ have identified and mapped the remaining unprotected native forests in Northern NSW, on both public and private land, ‘the DPI’ have identified the best 3 sites for Industrial Scale Forest Pelletising Factories, with 3 close marine ports for bulk export, ‘the DPI’ have marked on the map the distance between each forest remnant and the forest pelletising factories, … ‘the DPI’ are building a-global-scale-native-forest-to-furnace-fuel-export-industry. 

The industrial destruction of native forests to make furnace fuel for export for electricity generation.

So that you know.