Bob Brown Foundation: UPDATE 3: Help take the Great Forest Case to the High Court

Bob Brown Foundation has embarked on the end-game campaign to
save Australia's native forests and wildlife. Once and for all.
From the Bob Brown Foundation: “We have important, exciting news.

Today, we made an application to appeal the Great Forest Case to the High Court.

While we are not guaranteed a High Court hearing, we believe this case is of major public importance, dealing with a matter of national environmental significance, and deserves to be considered by the nation’s final court of appeal.  Our Foundation is very aware that there are no guarantees of being granted a hearing in the High Court. This is a risky, expensive strategy but the cost of doing nothing – of giving up now – is far greater. It is urgent that native forests are left standing and endangered species are protected from logging.  

We are determined to continue the fight for the protection of Tasmania’s, and Australia’s, wildlife-rich native forests. If we can win in the High Court, this case will have far-reaching potential to protect native forests across Australia.Our application to be heard by the Hight Court could cost $150,000 or more. Thanks to generous support we have already raised $80,000, so we still need to raise $70,000 to have the best chance for this critical appeal to protect native forests, critically endangered species and the climate.

As you know, the Federal Court decision went against us, finding that the purpose of the Regional Forest Agreement Act was not to protect the environment. The Federal Court ruled that the protection of Tasmania’s forests and wildlife was ensured by the Forest Practices Code and other policies, which are written by the Tasmanian Government. However, these policies are not legally enforceable and the court found that there is no need for them to be so.

This means there are no enforceable laws protecting threatened species’ habitat from destruction. This is unacceptable, so we are continuing this fight for the protection of our wildlife-rich native forests.  The Great Forest Case has put native forest destruction on the national agenda but we have a long way to go. The beauty, majesty and importance of native forests to a plethora of lifeforms is brought home to us, whenever we spend time in the forests. Be it in Australia’s largest temperate rainforest takayna / Tarkine, fighting to stop the extinction of koalas in NSW, or backing the frontline campaigns of our friends in Victoria and Western Australia. Ultimately, we will stop the destruction of native forests and their wildlife. That day draws closer every time we take action in the forests and in the courts, all of which is only possible with your support.

For the forests,– Jenny Weber, Campaign Manager   
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