NEFA (North East Forest Alliance) have identified a nationally significant population of Koalas on the Richmond Lowlands, with core breeding habitat in Braemar, Carwong and Royal Camp State Forests.

The Forestry Corporation are proposing to log the Koala high use areas in Braemar State Forest.

NEFA need your help to stop them.

“The rules used to be that the Forestry Corporation had to search for and protect Koala High Use Areas (HUAs).

With logging imminent under the old rules in Braemar State Forest, we [NEFA] checked it out in July 2019 and found an extensive Koala HUA that the Forestry Corporation had missed. We had caught them out again, and wrote to the Premier asking her to intervene to ensure all Koala HUAs were protected.

We have now identified that there are likely to be over 100ha of Koala High Use Areas, which are the most extensive known on State Forests.

Instead of protecting Koala HUAs, Forestry Corporation rewrote their harvesting plan to apply the Premier’s new rules which remove the requirements to look for and protect Koala High Use Areas [!!!].

Now, if they see a Koala in a tree they just have to wait until it leaves before logging its tree, and retain 5 small potential feed trees per hectare. This breeding colony will be decimated.

As they no longer need to protect Koala HUAs they plan to return to Royal Camp once they finish with Braemar.”


Show the Government that the community cares for Koalas by:

• Signing the pledge to stand up for Braemar’s Koalas. You can find the pledge here. Speaking out to show that this community cares about its Koalas – write to your local members and local papers, post it on social media, speak to anyone who will listen.

BRAEMAR’S KOALAS NEED YOUR HELP. Please do what you can do to make this a public issue.

Read NEFA’s Braemar’s Koalas Under Imminent Threat, also look under Audits on the site.