Call for Submissions: Tweed River Estuary Management Plan 2019

The Caldera Environment Centre encourages those who care about the conservation and recreational use of the Tweed River estuary to forward a submission in support of the Plan to Tweed Shire Council.

The Plan has introduced the concept of Character Zones in two locations, Stotts Island (high conservation significance) and upstream of the Commercial Road boat ramp Murwillumbah (high potential for restoration). These zones will restrict the use of powered craft for towing and wake boarding. Currently the whole of the estuary is open to use for these activities. Character Zones will only limit use in a small section of the Tweed River and will provide areas for passive recreation and conservation.

Main Points

  • Support the Character Zones at Stotts Island and upstream of Commercial Road Boat Ramp,
  • Restricted towing and wake boarding in these zones provides diversity of uses both passive and active. Passive activities such as bird watching, fishing, kayaking, paddle board not disturbed by wake, while still allowing the more active uses in other sections of the river,
  • Support restoration, particularly soft options such as revegetation with native plants, of the banks of the Tweed River estuary to reduce erosion and improve water quality,
  • Support management actions involving habitat connectivity, habitat restoration, population monitoring/reporting and flora/fauna conservation including marine species, shorebirds and raptors,
  • Acknowledgement of the poor river health of the Rous River and the need for projects to improve river health, particularly upstream riparian restoration, and
  • Support for the Plan as the way forward for future management of the Tweed River estuary.Add you own personal comments to support the Plan and sound management of the Tweed River estuary.

Lodge submission on the Tweed Shire Council website : or email

Submissions close 4pm on 31st October 2019.