Condong to burn 120,000 tonnes of ‘industrial waste’ timber from Brisbane

The Condong electricity power generator plant is to be reclassified as an “energy from waste” (EfW) facility. … 

The repurposed Condong Sugar Mill power plant is to burn:

1. Waste from Brisbane – 120,000 tonnes of ‘industrial waste timber with up to 10% plastic and 10% fabrics [also plastic]’

    • ‘recovered timber fuel’
    • sourced from ‘construction, demolition and industry’
    • ‘sorted at a purpose‐built facility in Brisbane’
    • ‘The recovered timber fuel must meet the resource recovery criteria of Table 1 of the NSW Energy from Waste Policy Statement

2. As is already the case, Wood from ‘forestry operations’ – 200,000 tonnes

    • Wood = ‘various wood‐based fuel materials’ Wood from ‘forestry operations’
    • ‘including from weed eradication programs, timber mill and forestry operations and approved land clearing (for example, residential subdivision developments, road upgrade works).”

3. As is already the case, Sugar cane residue – 320,000 tonnes


The old Murwillumbah Condong Sugar Mill steam and power generation plant has been repurposed to become a waste incinerator for Brisbane’s waste wood disposal system, (120,000 tonnes,  incl. up to 10% plastic and 10% [plastic] fabrics).

The Issues

We live in one of the cleanest air places in the world, the Condong Sugar Mill power generation plant repurposed as a Waste Incinerator is not what anyone in the Caldera wants.

In The Age of the Ecological Crisis we are producing plastic without restraint, then burning it up into the air, polluting the air with un-natural toxic molecules, destroying The Ecology.

And Carbon Carbon Carbon, we are supposed to be stopping this burning of carbon to generate electricity.

We do not need to proceed with the conversion of the repurposed Condong Sugar Mill power generation plant to become a Waste Incinerator for Brisbane’s waste.


Condong power plant: Scoping Report for DA Application for the burning of waste ‘recovered timber fuel’. Relevant sections highlighted for ease and speed of reading.