Extinction Rebellion [XR] Call to Action!

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. We are at ecological, economic and social tipping points right now, as you read this text. Australia is currently headed for a 4°C rise in global average temperature from preindustrial times, this amounts to a catastrophic loss of life.

We are calling on everyone, regardless of your political beliefs to join us in fighting for the survival of humanity and the billions of species on this planet. Join us in non-violent direct action against climate denial and in support of a just and rapid climate transition.

Please join us in Murwillumbah on Tuesday, 24th September at 5:30pm in the new Murwillumbah Community Centre to find out about Extinction Rebellion, the climate rebellion.

Or join us on Rebellion Week, Oct. 7th – Oct. 14th in Meanjin/ Brisbane City to demand action from our state and national governments. …