Stop the ‘Native Forest Biomass’ Industry – Rescue Australian Native Forests

1) Australian Native Forests Are To Replace Coal As Furnace Fuel For Electricity.

Australian Native Forests are to be industrially fed into electricity power station furnaces overseas – to replace coal – to boil water to turn turbines to make electricity to be used momentarily then it is gone.

‘Somehow’, The European Union have legally declared that burning Native Forests as coal-replacement furnace fuel for electricity generation plants is “Sustainable”, and “Carbon Neutral”, which is plainly untrue.

Those in control of have changed the laws, removing protections for native forests, facilitating and encouraging the industrial scale destruction of native forests for export furnace fuel. 

2) Native Forest Biomass is Ecologically Unsustainable.

Native Forest Biomass is literally physically destroying what little is left of The Ecology.

There is an Ecological Crisis, the collapse of The Ecology. Native Forest Biomass is the ecology, pelletised for furnace fuel. 

3) Biomass is a direct CO2 threat to the climate.

Biomass is highly CO2 emissive – Biomass is dirtier than burning coal. 

Biomass is stored carbon, burning biomass releases that carbon directly into the atmosphere.

Forests contain enormous stocks of standing carbon which must be kept out of the atmosphere.

Logging and clearing of forests for biomass is destroying earth’s CO2 carbon capture mechanisms: the trees and soils.

The only proven method of pulling carbon back out of the atmosphere at scale is through sequestration in natural ecosystems.

Forests are earth’s co2 carbon capture and storage mechanisms, yet we are destroying them, cutting them down, ironically for CO2 producing furnace fuel to replace coal. 

4) Biomass Displaces Genuinely Clean Renewable Energy Sources. 

Biomass is taking away from the pool of available subsidies for true renewables.

Renewable Energy subsidies for wood burning power stations compete unfairly with the need to develop large-scale, genuine renewable energy infrastructure like solar and wind.

Engagement with renewable energy companies and their staff and their customers and their supporters shows support for urgently stopping biomass power generation.

5) Native Forest Biomass is deeply unpopular.

Native Forest ‘Biomass’ furnace fuel is deeply unpopular [because people can see it is just stupid:

“… we are destroying the last of the gorgeous ecology to feed it into furnaces ???!!!”

“… we banned them burning coal because of the CO2 pollution, so they burn our forests in their furnaces instead, creating even more CO2 than if they had burned coal ???!!!”

“… we need to urgently capture CO2 from the atmosphere yet it is the carbon capture and storage forests that we are feeding into furnaces ???!!!”