Tweed Water Alliance. Update.

The new water regulator (Natural Resource Access Regulator) is now handling Tweed Water Alliance’s complaints to the Department of Water. They have asked the Office of Water for the metering records – they’re going to find out soon enough that they don’t exist. They’ll then have to get documents from the operators and with any luck insist that all commercial bores have meters.

Tweed Water Alliance continue to track any ongoing breaches at Bilambil, Kunghur, Nobbys Creek and Kynnumboon – let Tweed Water Alliance know if you see any activity that isn’t permitted – all of it will be recorded and reported.

Here’s what they’re allowed:

• Urliup Road: 1 truck load per day, 7 days per week

• Mt Warning Spring Water, 4 loads per day, weekdays only 9am­3pm, ‘small trucks’ only

• Nobbys Creek , one 5 tonne truck per week (NO ARTICULATED SEMI­ TRAILERS)

• Kynnumboon, 5 loads per day weekdays, 7am­7pm, 2 loads per day on weekends, 8am­12pm

Water miners really don’t like having their shallow ethics and deep sense of entitlement challenged. Report them to council.

You can help make them even more uncomfortable by giving Tweed Water Alliance a little cash please. Their bank details: • Southern Cross Credit Union • BSB 722 744 • Account: 153127.

Please keep your activism on high alert. Chat to friends and neighbours, keep taking photos of the water trucks to post to Facebook ­ it spooks them. Remember you are perfectly within your rights to photograph them as long as you don’t trespass or otherwise break the law to do so.

It’s perfectly legal to take a photo of a water truck on a public road.

Don’t be shy in contacting councillors, either. They are our elected representatives and need to hear opinions other than those driven by greed. Civil and to the point will do nicely.

Councillor Pryce

mobile: 0436 007 758 email:

Councillor Reece Byrnes (Deputy Mayor)

mobile: 0436 411 386 email:

Councillor Chris Cherry

mobile: 0437 400 174 email:

Councillor Ron Cooper

mobile: 0419 716 906 email:

Councillor Katie Milne (Mayor)

telephone: (07) 5590 9622 email:

Councillor James Owen

mobile: 0415 561 701 email:

Councillor Warren Polglase

mobile: 0428 961 306