CEC Movie Club: Rob Kooyman – Gondwana, Northern NSW

Rob Kooyman, forest ecologist of note, traces the history of the ancient forests of Gondwana, until now, bringing the focus to the forests here, the forests of Northern NSW.

The new 29 min film by Frontier Films (David Bradbury).

Proudly presented here in association with the The Caldera Environment Centre.

About Rob Kooyman … protected area and conservation management … large-scale rainforest restoration … the evolutionary ecology, botany, and paleo-botany of the Gondwanan, Australian, and Southeast Asian rainforests … the rate and direction of recovery from disturbance of rainforest types around the world … collaborative global studies of rainforest species distributions, and forest dynamics and ecology … Research Fellow with Macquarie University, and an Honorary Research Associate with the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.