The SEPP 2021 Explained

State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) (Koala habitat Protection) 2021, in the Ministers words: 

1. SEPP21 Gets land zoned for primary production or forestry out of the SEPP

  • “Land zoned for primary production or forestry in regional NSW will not be subject to the new SEPP.”

2. SEPP21 Gets the Koala-Habitat-Protection-Laws out of the SEPP 

  • “Koala habitat protection in core rural zones has been removed from the new SEPP, legal responsibility for Koala habitat protection in core rural zones will be transferred to the new Local Land Services Act.”
    • [The new LLS-Koala-habitat-protection-authority is the one and the same LLS-native-forest-destroying-logging-and-land-clearing-permit-approval-authority.]
    • [The proposed new Koala habitat protection LLS laws are yet to be shown to the highly distrustful public.]

3. SEPP21 Stops Local Councils re-zoning remaining nature as environmental zones. 

  • “Only the Minister, and not Councils, will be empowered to rezone land used for primary production to an environmental zone, or to rezone land currently in rural zones 1, 2 and 3 to other rural zones.” 

4. SEPP21 is left containing, only,: ‘Control of Development in koala habitat

  • Does not apply to koala habitat on primary industry or forestry land.
  • Does not apply to Koala habitat on land in core rural zones. 
  • There is a requirement, or not, for a Koala Plan of Management.
  • Any Koala Plan of Management can only be authorised by The Planning Secretary in concurrence with the Secretary of Regional NSW.
[Source:, and SEPP21.]