To STOP SEPP 20 and #saveourkoalas here is an example of what to say and where to facebook, @, email and say it to 5 politicians

Here is a (1) an example text, (2) a list of contact details (fb,@,eMail,ph) for 5 key office holding politicians, and (3) a list of key points to use.

Example text written by Nola Firth

I am writing to register my extreme outrage and distress at the SEPP 21 deal done by your government at the expense of koalas and other wildlife. Saving about 140 koalas on the Tweed coast, adding a few hectares to the Cudgen reserve and opening a hospital in our Tweed shire is not going to make a tiny dint in the loss of thousands and thousands of hectares of land no longer protected for koalas in our shire and across the state.

My demands as a Murwillumbah resident are that the SEPP21 covers all of the Tweed and the northern rivers as it does in Sydney shires. The recommendations of the koala inquiry must also be immediately implemented. The Koala National Park needs to be declared straight away. Your government said it would increase koala populations. This latest SEPP action has destroyed any chance of them surviving at all. I believe people of all parties care about this issue and we intend to let you know it.

The local and global situation for vulnerable species could hardly be more urgent and astonishingly you have knowingly made it worse. This needs to change and quickly.


List of contact details (fb,@,eMail,ph) for 5 key office holding politicians

Member for Tweed: Geoff Provest MP
07 5523 4816
Minister for Energy and Environment: Matt Kean MP,
02 8574 6150

Deputy Premier NSW: John Barilaro
02 8574 5150
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces: Rob Stokes MP
02 8574 6707
Premier NSW: Gladys Berejiklian
02 8574 5000

and – one who opposed it:

Member for Lismore: Janelle Saffin
02 6621 3624


Points to write to Pollies RE New Koala Policy “SEPP 21”

SEPP 21 is the latest new law to take away protections for Koalas and Forests.

Contact the politicians above expressing your concern about some of the points below:

  • NSW Koalas are likely to be extinct before 2050
  • Primary reason for decline – habitat loss. (Logging of large feed trees & extreme bushfires)
  • Since 2016 clearing in NSW has doubled – half of this unexplained
  • No protection for Koalas unless deemed “Core Koala Habitat”
  • Core Koala Habitat extremely difficult to prove under SEPP44
  • The NEW Koala Policy has just placed 90% of private rural lands under old ineffectual SEPP44
  • The NEW Koala Policy allows logging WITHOUT Councils’ consent or oversight
  • Environmental Zones will be opened for logging
  • Planning minister has been given the power to rezone rural land to environmental zone – instead of Council
  • Landholders will now “Self-Assess” environmental habitat on their land
  • John Barilaros office has been given the power to approve KPoMs in regional areas
  • Tweed & Byron KPoMs only cover thin coastal strips. Approx 80% of these shires will have NO Koala protections.
  • The NEW Koala Policy will cause significant damage to 60% of NSW lands where koalas exist
  • The National Party – authors of the NEW Koala Policy have refused to listen to the community – the majority of the community WANT stronger protection for Koalas
  • WE NEED TO INCENTIVISE FARMERS to retain habitat – not misinform them!!
  • STOP SEPP 20