Tree Magazine Autumn 2006


Lest We Forget-  the massive bombing of people and infrastructure (the sewage treatment plants, water supply plants, electrical generation plants, schools and universities) and the depleted uranium fallout from battlefield weapons, adds up to an horrendous social justice and environmental catastrophe;  KINGS FOREST-  the Chief Town Planner’s recommendation regarding the King’s Forest rezoning has Iemma’s and Sartor’s grubby finger marks all over it;  THICH NAT HAHN’S 14 PRECEPTS- precepts or guidelines for life have been used daily as a method for seeing one’s place in the order of things;   The Ecological Crisis- … the collapse of the ecology, the ecological imperative for change;   Council Status Report-  with two (of 3) appointed Administrators residing in Sydney, local knowledge and resident access was always going to be a problem;  GLYPHOSATE-  the current climate of hysterical fear of weeds combined with a shrugging acceptance of the poison allows for no rational discussion;   Chemical Free Weed Control-   weed species currently dominate because soils are under threat;   CHANGES TO THE PLANNING SYSTEM IN NSW-  recent changes to planning laws in NSW include, …;   ARTIFICIAL MASS EARTH MOVEMENT OF HILLSIDES-   the Council appears to be treating the problem of whole hillside regrading as an engineering exercise rather than heeding likely environmental effects and 21st Century best-practise town planning and urban design;   Stirring the Calderan-  if you’re concerned about the welfare of any farm animals in your ken, you can ring Animal Liberation on 1800 751770;   SEA SHEPHERD-  Sea Shepherd managed to keep whalers on the run for fifteen days during the killing earlier this year;   BEN OQUIST ON THE ELECTIONS-  one in six Tasmanians voted for the Greens – that’s 16% of the vote across the Apple Isle.

TREE, the Tweed River Environmental Echo, is the newsletter of the Caldera Environment Centre.

To view TREE, Vol. 9, Issue 5:  TREE_vol_9_issue_05_Autumn2006

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