Tree Magazine Summer 2006



No Nightcap  Nightmare- 420 buildings in a new ‘village’ just outside the existing village of Uki;   Editorial- Full Spectrum Dominance;    Whose Fault?  the conservatives are accountable;   ‘THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING’-  time limits on development consents;  KINGS FOREST- a timeline of the development of the ‘Development’;  RE Kings Forest- Letter to Frank Sartor, Minister for Planning, we have no alternative but to assume that you have summarily withdrawn the undertakings you gave;   The NSW Government ‘In Caldera’ Development Plan- every issue from  water to land the electoral funding  system is The NSW Government Far North Coast Regional Planning Strategy has as its only theme:  the promotion of inland development;  The Ecological  crisis- …  the collapse of the ecology, the collapse of the systems of interdependent, interrelated life forms on this planet, is the ecological imperative for change, we must change;   Chemical Free Weed Control-  All weed species have a beauty as  well as a difficulty;   YOU ARE NOT YOUR GLYPHOSATE-  Glyphosate is a chemical, not a religion or a child or way of life;   Water Policy-  Tweed Shire Council spends half of its budget on water supply, sewerage and sewage effluent disposal;  Stirring the Calderon-  capitalist system can’t be good for a civil society since it’s all about profits for shareholders rather than justice and compassion and community.

TREE, the Tweed River Environmental Echo, is the newsletter of the Caldera Environment Centre.

To view TREE, Vol. 9, Issue 6 click here:  TREE_vol_9_issue_06_Summer2006

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